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Classic Sports Racing Group - Sonoma Raceway

Event date: 4/7/2018 - 4/8/2018 Export event

MG Clubs Paddock Corral & Track Laps

Saturday, April 7, 2018

New: Door Prizes from Moss Motors!

The CSRG vintage racing group has extended an invitation to us to participate in their spring event at Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point). We will have our own MG Clubs parking corral in the paddock near the racing cars. We will also have the opportunity ($25 donation fee per car1) to tour the racetrack at noon. Basic Info:

Track Entry Fee: $12 per person2

·      Free for Seniors! (Age 65 and up)

·      Free for Veterans. (Bring ID)

·      Free for ages 12 and under. Free for Students!

·      Limited Free Entry Tickets for first 40 persons to sign-up2 Please use the above options first!2 If you are a senior and your passenger is not, you only need one entry ticket.)

Noon Track Parade Laps: (Optional) Cost is $25 per car. Collector club cars only, please. No helmet requirements.1 Please sign up for the track tour on-line or you may pay when you arrive. Be sure to advise your club that you plan to do so. Be sure to attend the mandatory drivers meeting just before the noontime track tour.

Please arrive at the track by 10am if possible. (Track opens at 8am.) This is for safety sake as the foot traffic through the paddock picks up.

Door prizes from Moss Motors will be awarded for MG clubs members. One free raffle ticket per person. These will be awarded at 1:30pm in the club corral.

We will provide a photographer for special photos of you and your car on the track. (May be provided at cost by a professional photographer.)


Rounds rather complex, I fear. Do this: (1) Reply to your club coordinator that you plan to attend and how many free entry tickets you need. (2) If possible, go on-line and register for the track parade laps, check the waiver boxes and make the $25 donation. (3) Drive to the track Saturday morning and enjoy!


Note 1: Parade Laps / Track Tour

Please provide a mobile phone number to your club organizer, if available.

We chose the “slow’ speed option to avoid having to find helmets. You are welcome to bring any helmets (of any type) that you have, of course. They like us to wear long sleeve shirts or jackets and pants plus closed-toe shoes.

The speed will be controlled by a pace car. Especially if this is a new experience for you, please drive alertly.

Dan Wise, Formula Ford Class Champ, will conduct a drivers meeting with you and will meet you at the rally point in the paddock for entry onto the track.  He will also pace and depending on the number of cars will arrange for other pace car drivers to ensure we keep things at a no helmet easy, but still fun cruise pace.  At the drivers meeting Dan Wise will brief everyone on the rules (no holding back, steady pace only, keep an even distance, follow the car in front of you off and on the track, no passing, have fun, etc.)

Here is a direct link to the sign-up page for the parade lap program that will allow your drivers to pay the donation and sign all the various releases in advance.

MSR couldn’t remove the normal race club confirmation page.  The page that begins by asking for your CSRG member number is totally irrelevant to this sign-up.  Proceed past it by entering 0 in any required fields, and move on.

I entered my club car under Vehicle #1 then had to enter ‘0’ (zero) in field for Vehicle #1 Log Book, Log Book Issue Org, and Past Log Book Problems. You will need to check two boxes on the Parade Lap Donation Page as a waiver and pay the $25 donation by credit card.

We will have forms and can collect the fee at the track.

Donations directly benefit, partners with CSRG for 15 years


Note 2. Entry Tickets

This should work for those purchasing entry tickets.

The three Bay Area MG clubs will be allocated the free entry tickets. Apply for the tickets through your club, the MG Owners Club, the Sorry Safari Touring Society or the Abingdon Rough Riders. All free entry tickets will be left in your name at Will Call at the track entry.

If one or more attendee qualifies for a free entry (vet, senior, etc.), please request free tickets only for the other attendee(s). This should get everyone in free.

Other all-British clubs have been invited to share the paddock space with us.



CSRG David Love Memorial Races Info,

April 7-8, Sonoma Raceway

For the spectator this is a chance to do a little time travel back to the '50s, '60s & early '70s to see the evolution of race car design & development in the wonderful environment of the Sonoma wine country. Bring a picnic or enjoy the excellent food and craft beer and wine that are available in the paddock.

The event is intended to be a family affair and children are enthusiastically welcomed. High school and college students as well as vets are admitted free with appropriate ID. You will find that the competitors are more than willing to put kids in their cars and let them try them on for size.

What You Need to Know:

·  There are 8-9 Race Groups, most containing two to three classes of cars.

·  The Saturday and Sunday schedules are more or less identical. There are 7-9 groups qualifying on Saturday morning, followed by 8 groups of races that start @ 11AM. On Sunday, instead of the morning qualifying, there's a race for each group, followed by afternoon races for each group.

·  Please engage the competitors in the paddock---unless of course they are about to go out on the track. The competitors love to talk about their cars.

·  Earplugs are not a requirement, though they are recommended, particularly for young children.

·  There will be an abundance and variety of food available for purchase in the paddock at the Race Track Café (near the main entrance). There is covered seating as well.

·  Bathrooms are available in a number of places in the paddock.

·  Though the paddock is where most tend to gather, you can drive the perimeter of the track and park at whatever corner you wish.

·  Admission tickets will be available for purchase at the gate.

·      Pets are allowed but they must be on a leash at all times. You are legally responsible if your pet harms anyone or anything on the premises.

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